It is essential to keep your software secure, stable and up-to-date. That’s why at Toru Interactive we believe the service we offer to clients beyond launch is just as important as the initial development.

Maintenance contracts should go above and beyond the run-of-the-mill patches and fixes. Done well they can ensure your application will grow and thrive alongside your business. As part of our goal to supply our clients with the best service possible we have designed our very own maintenance system, centered around three key concepts; flexibility, transparency and expertise.


The contract is extremely simple; we sell our time upfront on a quarterly basis. Then throughout that quarter we use the assigned time budget to ensure your software is at the highest standard it can possibly be. We will deal with issues, bugs and problems as they emerge, and if you buy more time than is necessary for this basic bug fixing then we’ll put that time to good use for you by implementing any new functionality you require as well as proactively looking to improve and update the software under the hood.

At the end of each quarter you will be free to decide whether you would like to renew the contract for a further three months, and to adjust the amount of time you’d like to buy. There are no strings, no long term contracts. Just a great service that our clients love.


We understand that you want to see exactly where your money is going, so we account for every penny of it. You will have access to an online dashboard that monitors the time left on your contract, which tasks are done and which are pending, and how much time we have spent on each task.

For upcoming tasks you can control which ones take priority. For current and completed tasks you will be able to access details of the work undertaken, from the initial client request through to the programmer’s technical notes.

We track our time to the second, and update the dashboards every week. There’s no minimum charge for a fix, so a quick fix will literally cost you pennies. The framework has been carefully designed to ensure that you know exactly what we are working on, and that you your money is being well spent.


We already know your software inside out because we built it! There’s no one better placed to continue developing it and ensuring its smooth running. Our maintenance work will be carried out by the same developers who built your software, with the same care and attention and with the same direct and open lines of communication.

We never outsource our maintenance work and never will.

Our team are dedicated, communicative and always up to speed on the latest technological developments. We will work hard to ensure that you always get the most out of your maintenance contract.