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Litnav was an experimental app funded by the Arts Council and made in collaboration with Comma Press. The app is a companion for your daily commute, business trip or holiday travelling that allows you to read or listen to short stories filtered by location, duration or genre. With stories by leading authors from five continents, Litnav puts internationally renowned fiction at your fingertips.

Brown Owl Scout

iPad & Web App for Professional Football Scouts

Brown Owl Scout is an iPad app that allows football scouts to create player and team reports live at the game and instantly share them with their network.

The accompanying web is used by the scouts to organise their schedule, run reports & view all the latest sporting data pulled directly from OPTA. The app was used by Adidas & Everton FC.

Construction App

A simple dashboard app for a large scale construction project. The app visualises real time logistical data as well as allowing the user to scrub back and forward in time to review past data.

logistics app animated screenshot
sales pitch animation lectern grahpic

A Pitch

A civil engineering firm were tendering for a public sector contract and they came to us for a custom made app to use at their pitch.

We created an interactive 3D menu that followed the company brand guidelines & allowed the presenter to introduce and traverse the different sections of the pitch in style. They won the pitch.

Process Map animation

Process Map

This app was for an engineering company that make industrial parts and equipment. It allows users to navigate several process diagrams and drill down to a particular part to find out more information about it and even give it a virtual spin!

Sales App

An agricultural cleaning company wanted to improve their sales process so we created an iPad app for them that their team now uses on site. The salesperson enters info about the customer's farm and the app then recommends the products that are right for that customer, as well as showing where significant cost savings can be made.

This secondary auditing feature adds real value to the salesperson's visit, and along with the professional design of the app has made a positive impact on sales. Also an added bonus is that a lot more data is now being captured that the company can use going forward.

Screenshot of Sales App on an iPad
Calendar and Clock illustration

Artwork Manager

A bespoke scheduling and workflow tool for one of our bigger clients. It regulates the production of new creative material such as websites and product brochures. The tool had to be powerful and reliable; delivering artworker scheduling across several time zones, multiple workflows, multiple sign off points, detailed reporting and a whole lot more.

But just as importantly it needed to be adaptable, so that it could keep up with the constant internal changes within the company. For over five years we have delivered a supremely malleable tool that has radically improved our customer's management process and made their lives easier.

Artwork Manager Screenshot 1 Artwork Manager Screenshot 3
Used by 1,236 people...
to Manage 42,856 artwork projects...
in54 countries.

Appraisals App

Staff Appraisals In The Cloud,
by Toru Interactive.

appraisals app on an ipad
goto app 

Virtual City

An entire city can be navigated to see where and how our client's chemical products are used. In this bespoke web app the user can scoot around restaurants, airports, farms and factories to find out more about these products. They can even add them to a shopping list which then gets sent on to the sales team.

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Blueprint icon

Used by several business centres to showcase their available offices to potential tenants. Comes plugged into a CMS so the data can be easily changed.

Auditing Tool

The client came to us with an excel file that they used to audit the sustainability of their customers' operations. Their sales team offered this as a 'value added' service, and although the excel document worked it wasn't very slick. So we took the logic from the excel document and created a web app with the same functionality that looked the part and added extra features such as pdf generation and rich reporting.

Sustainability Audit Screenshot 1
Sustainability Audit Screenshot 2
Sustainability Audit Screenshot 3
Sustainability Audit Screenshot 4
Energy Game Animation

Energy Game

This mini game is one of several that is encountered along the way whilst playing a much larger game that we built for an entertainment company. It was a rapid prototype built to test a concept for a tablet based family game.

Reception Screen Behind Desk

Reception Screen

Software that powers reception screens. The package allows for live tv, custom presentations, RSS feeds, company news, company info and visitor information. The system is installed in several businesses around the Midlands and is remotely controllable via an online management system.

Quotation Builder

Quotes In The Cloud, Coming Soon.

Quotes App on iPad