We like making stuff!

It's more than a hobby, though. We're always working on improving and building our own software, and it's a central part of what we do.

This page outlines our current systems but it is still a work in progress at the moment. So look forward to exciting new content coming soon!


Yoshie is our bespoke content management system. Our clients use this application to manage their websites, giving them independence to create their own content. We are currently in the process of rebranding it with the aim of marketing it as a stand-alone CMS.

The application already has loads of useful features to make the creation and modification of our digital content much easier for us and clients, but we definitely want to keep developing it to maximise its efficiency and make it more appealing as a stand-alone program to sell.

Generally speaking our aim is to take advantage of all the awesomeness that AWS provides and make a CMS that is cloud native.


Dorito is a cloud-based application we have created that helps automate the recording of our time when we work on projects.

We all use an app called 'Timing'. This tracks the hours we work and our productivity. The Dorito app then takes this information and processes it into a more useful format to be put into Google Sheets. It can group the times gathered by timings into different projects, breaking it down in multiple useful ways for it to be put onto a spreadsheet which tracks our hours.

The application is still a work in progress and we want to develop it further to make it more efficient for our business, as well as eventually releasing it for sale to the public.


Coming soon...