We believe that licensing is an area where as long as we have an open discussion early on with clients there is almost always common ground that will serve both parties. Naturally our clients require protection against their ideas being copied and being monetised by others. They don’t want to be ‘held ransom’ by anyone and they need long term control over how their software is used and developed.

From our point of view we need to ensure that we can freely reuse components and widgets from project to project in order to deliver high quality builds at affordable price points. We are a flexible company and we strive to cater for each client’s individual needs but we must also protect our own IP and our ability to operate as efficiently as possible.

So we’ve developed a set of standard terms that address the needs and concerns of us and our clients. We’ve been using these terms for several years now and our clients are happy and fully on board with them. When new clients come to see us we always discuss IP as we believe that clarity on this issue is a must for a successful long term developer/client relationship. Once IP and other key terms of work are agreed with new clients we can move forward and focus entirely on delivering tailor-made highly innovative software.

IP & Ownership FAQ

If I pay for code to be written then I own it, right?

Unfortunately it’s more complicated than that. Software is complex, there are many layers to it. A modern bespoke website or app will typically contain dozens of 3rd party code libraries, all with their own usage licenses. We will never use anything with a commercial or restrictive license but we will take full advantage of the huge amount of excellent open source software out there. We’ll take the best there is and blend it together with our own code — some reused from previous work and some written just for you.

Do you use your standard terms on every project?

Not all but most. There is always room for negotiation but our concerns as outlined above become more pressing the harder an app or website is to make. So if you have a simple 1 page app that will take us a day or two to make then we’ll be a whole lot more flexible than if you wanted a super complex web app that we’d need to pull out all the stops to deliver.

'What if I want to switch developers?'

We take great pride in the services we provide and we think it’s enough by itself to keep hold of our clients repeat business. Once our build costs are paid up we won’t lock you in to us in any way. We’ll set up a monthly maintenance contract that you can stop at any time and we will remain available at the same hourly rate for any more development you need. If for whatever reason you decide you want to switch to a different developer then you will be free to do so. We’ll supply code, assets, data and documentation so that your new developers can get up and running as smoothly as possible. All we would require at that point would be agreement from you that the code that we supply won’t be made public or sold on to others.

If we use you to build an app for us will you then sell it on to other people/companies?

No. If we build something for you we will never sell it on without your say so. In fact our terms make this impossible for us to do so unless in partnership with you clients and with your written permission.