What Is The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological trend very much on the rise. As with most digital concepts, its definition is not as neatly fixed as we might like, due to the simple fact that software is not a tangible, real-life object that can be pinpointed.

To break the term down to its simplest form, the Internet of Things essentially refers to the embedding of the internet into everyday objects.

In other words, everything that isn’t currently wifi connected in your life just went online.

Imagine your alarm clock, kettle and car all being able to communicate: you could roll out of bed to a boiling kettle, grab your coffee and jump into a warm car with the engine already running on a cold winter’s morning.

It all sounds pretty smart, right?

The Internet of Things is set to optimise every aspect of our lives as it gathers pace in more and more sectors, from transportation and construction to healthcare and retail. With the emergence of these increasingly intelligent devices, the ease with which we can drift through life appears to be unlimited.

Other more well-known Internet of Things applications include:

  • Apple Watch: this and other wearables like FitBits have revolutionised the watch industry, making those that just tell the time seem somewhat mediocre.
  • Smart Cities: Barcelona is a progressive example of this, with its use of data and connections to enhance life in the city from parking to environmental issues.
  • Nest Thermostat: among other thermostats that you can now control from your phone, allowing you to remotely change the temperature of your house. As well as being convenient for users who find themselves out of the house regularly, devices such as claim to be energy saving.

How Can It Help My Business?

The potential for deployment of the Internet of Things is limitless, and this is no different for a modern business. Unlike some up and coming technologies, this is not an unecessarily complex area with little room for real-life application.

The IoT can be used to optimise many aspects of your business: from the products and service that you offer to customers, to the efficiency of inner workings of the company.

Here’s a list giving just a small snippet of all that can be achieved by integrating the IoT into your business - it’s by no means exhaustive.

  • Make products smarter — Embedding ‘smarts’ into products allows customers to have greater control over their appliance. The connection can also be used to make customer support more instant.
  • Monitor productivity — Combined with big data, the IoT can identify strengths and weaknesses in any business procedure.
  • Increase automation — Adding sensors and other internet connected devices into any business process reduces the need for constant human validation, allowing you to focus on the stuff that really matters.
  • Improve security—Implementing a security system anchored in the IoT provides an increased, more instant awareness of potential breaches, ensuring threats are dealt with in a quick and effective manner.

With the right tools and intelligent application, this technology has the potential to boost a company’s success drastically.

Businesses in all industries are beginning to tap into the Internet of Things, but its full capabilities are yet to be entirely exploited. In the near future there will be an eruption of IoT products and applications: we want to help you lead the crowds.

Our team are working hard constantly to develop their expertise so that we can bring the newest and best of digital services to clients. The Internet of Things is a field we are excited to explore further through new projects.

Please get in touch to have a chat about the endless possibilities it can offer your business.