Building a web, mobile or cloud application typically takes a few months from creating the initial objectives up to product launch.

We are committed to delivering a consistent and high quality service, and this is maintained by our drive and strong work ethic.

What Happens Next?

  1. It all begins with us understanding your objectives. At a free meeting, we will discuss what you hope to achieve and bounce ideas off each other, as well as giving you a free fixed quote and time frame. We then use these goals to create a clear project brief.
  2. Once you sign off the agreed specification, it’s time to get creative! Designs will be drawn up, detailing every aspect of your product from aesthetic appearance to interactivity.
  3. When you are happy with the designs, we will get started with the technical stuff. The programming will be done to ensure a stable and secure application, and you will be kept in the loop throughout the whole process with regular phone calls.
  4. The build will be completed efficiently and you will have the opportunity to test multiple prototypes to give valuable feedback which we use to improve the product. This cycle will continue until you are entirely satisfied with the results, at which time it will be ready for the final launch!
  5. It won’t be goodbye, though. You will receive a month of free support and fixes after the product is finished. After that, you have the option to take out a maintenance contract with us, which we highly recommend to keep your application running smoothly long into the future.