Ready-made website packages like Wordpress undoubtedly have a lot to offer nowadays, however for a unique business with equally unique demands they don’t always quite cut it. Instead more and more companies are turning to custom made sites which present many benefits in their own right: not only do they give you a distinct presence online, but they make your life a whole lot easier because when you have complete control of the features included, you can form the perfect website that will carry your business to new virtual heights.

Bespoke website development is our biggest area of expertise at TI and something which we have a lot of experience in, although we never grow tired of taking on these jobs because each project is entirely different from last and poses brand new challenges that we can never predict. From basic information displaying websites to complex online systems, our creations are never dull and are guaranteed to fulfil client function requirements at a high quality.

To give these claims of our brilliance some context and validation, we would like to introduce you to one of our success stories. We were once approached by a global manufacturing company called SEKO who found their website unable to play youtube videos in China due to censorship complications. This was a major issue for the company with China being a key client location, and so they came to us in search of a solution that would open up a whole new country of sales opportunities. Despite the large market of software development, we were in the minority of companies able to solve the problem for SEKO. Ultimately, they chose us because of our well-suited expertise as well as our flexibility to their custom needs.

We built an original video delivery service for them which immediately allowed their videos to be viewed at high speeed on any device in any country, including China. The technical process proved to be not all that complicated with a logical approach applied to it (and a couple of clever programmers!), but it did highlight to us the unique service we offer that resolves real life conundrums which can transform a business. That’s why we believe our company to be the ideal partner in creating digital solutions: we deliver results and solve problems in the most efficient way possible.

The launch of a website is by no means the end of your journey, which is why we also offer a software maintenance service. With all websites it’s crucial to keep them up to date if you want to stay at the top of your game for a while, and bespoke ones are by far the most flexible in terms of future development. We help many clients improve and expand their websites as their businesses grow, because staticy isn’t really how the digital world works with technology evolving at such a rapid pace.

Creating dynamic, engaging websites is our speciality and being able to produce niche features within this, as we did for SEKO, makes us a pretty rare company, if we do say so ourselves! We genuinely love finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle so if you have your own unique feature that you haven’t been able to find, or simply want cutting edge web design, then please get in touch!