Domino Jewellery are a UK leading jewellery manufacturing company, based in Birmingham’s infamous Jewellery Quarter, who we have been working with since last December. With high end, high quality products they needed a elegant and classy website to match and we were able to offer them a complete rebrand of their digital profile, as well as redesigning their website to be entirely responsive. This undoubtedly transformed the users’ experiences, ensuring that their digital success continued at the same rate as their flourishing business.

Domino Jewellery Homepage

When designing bespoke web applications for clients, we aim to capture and communicate the character of their business by surveying any current online platforms, taking in every significant detail. What stood out to us about Domino was their affinity for beautiful photography, so we immediately picked this out as a focal point for the new design. We understood that by highlighting what made Domino a unique company, we would be able to present their true essence on a digital platform. Armed with specific client requirements and a elaborate design plan, we were ready to tackle the application from a programming perspective.

Domino Jewellery Widgets Displaying Products

Our team of programmers and designers worked collaboratively to make their dream website a (virtual) reality, portraying the sophistication and attraction of the jewellery through a sleek interface with intuitive widgets that give customers a lifelike impression of the products.

Another area that we worked on with Domino was their consistency as a brand across their website, client area and all other marketing assets. This is vital for businesses to assert themselves as a professional and distinctive force and we like to tackle it by ensuring all designs we create compliment each other, but also are recognisable as the same brand when isolated. For Domino, this made a significant difference to their ability to entice people browsing online jewellery retailers because once they had established their visual identity, customers were able to familiarise themselves with the company faster than ever before.

Not only did the revitalised ecommerce site boost Domino’s appearance to its existent customers, but it also enhanced the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the website, thus bringing in new clients who were looking for the services that they provide. We know that there is a large audience online searching for your unique services, we simply make sure that they get to you. And keep coming back.

At the end of June 2018 we launched the redesigned website for Domino and it was received extremely well by our client as well as their sales team. They can now focus on perfecting their brand, with a flexible website that can be adapted and developed to incorporate the company’s new ideas and inspirations as they occur.