It is vital for any business in today’s world to find the perfect blend of bespoke and pre-made software in order to remain relevant, modern and efficient. At Toru Interactive we develop bespoke software — software custom-built for you and no-one else. It provides a level of power and control that no pre-made program can match.

If you want the freedom to create a system that will cater your exact needs, can evolve with you and sets you apart from competitors then we can provide the ideal solution.

Throughout the whole development process we use client feedback as the main drive, ensuring all of our clients receive a system perfectly suited around your requirements.

There’s no dancing around the fact that bespoke software is expensive to implement. It’s a complex, time-consuming process to develop an entirely new system and this is naturally reflected in the price. However we consider our charges reasonable and appropriate for the service provided. We adapt the development cost for each project individually depending on its scale and complexity. This ensures that each client gets the best value out of the money they invest and can access our bespoke software on a realistic budget.

We understand that this is a serious investment. But it’s an investment with distinct results; a creative, sleek system that imprints its unique mark upon your business forever. If you want to know exact costs then give us a ring, we’d love to chat about your ideas.

The time it takes to build your project also varies according to what exactly your software entails; it could be from a few weeks to several months. Our expertise in programming ensure that we always create systems as efficiently as possible but complex problems often require complex solutions.

We want to ensure that it is the right decision for your business — there might be something out there already that fits the bill at a fraction of the price! Nonetheless, despite the growing surplus of off-the-shelf software available, sometimes their generic functions are not well-suited to a business with unique requirements.

Even if you aren’t yet sure exactly what it is you need, get in touch and we’ll advise what we think will work. Part of our service is analysing your needs and making suggestions accordingly. With more up and coming technologies than ever the possibilities are endless and we’d love to share some of our own ideas with you!

The initial cost of bespoke software is certainly not cheap and the thought of forking out more money for long-term maintenance is enough to make anybody wince. However, this ongoing funding is vital in ensuring that your initial investment is worthwhile.

Modern technology has become so ubiquitous and slick that we often overlook the complexity beyond the interface. Just take a look at the apps on your phone that you use every day and consider how much continual investment goes into each of them to ensure your user experience is of the highest standard. Twitter for example will have hundreds of experts constantly working on the software, both fixing and improving it.

Updates are essential — they keep apps relevant and consumers interested. Investing in ongoing maintenance and development is strongly advisable if you want your apps to remain current and be constantly enhanced in terms of overall performance.

It’s also worth considering that your company will have developed a lot in 4 years time, over the years you might want new features and little extras. Bespoke software is great because this is exactly what it can accommodate and a long-term maintenance contract with your software developers guarantees smooth transitions for your future changes.

Originally, these can be coded on top of the initial program. However, after a while the code becomes unnecessarily complex and increasingly unstable. To prevent this from making the software unworkable, every few years the app needs to be refactored. It’s a bit like a spring clean — the developers have nice tidy up and restructure the code to make it as efficient as possible.

In a world of increasing integration, almost all bespoke software now communicates with at least one other system, ranging from a simple facebook login to a whole other bespoke system owned by the same company. If these external softwares are updated, then your app needs to be updated accordingly to ensure this feature still works.

Similarly, the languages that developers use to code the software frequently have new versions released. It is really important that your site is modified to accommodate these updates in order to maximise security, stability and compatibility with hardwares.

For example, when Apple removed 32bit applications from the App Store, various companies who commissioned an app 5 years ago when 32bit was all we knew were bombarded with calls from people saying that they couldn’t install their app on iPhones / iPads. Changes like these are inevitable and without some sort of long-term maintenance, your bespoke software will be liable to fall behind the current standards of technology.

Security is a growing concern in the digital world and with the constant development of new hacks this is another element of your software that needs to be regularly adapted and changed to protect from the ever-changing face of cybercrime.

In 2014 a massive vulnerability in the popular encryption software, OpenSSL, named Heartbleed hit the likes of Yahoo and Google. The bug gave attackers an easy opportunity to eavesdrop on communications, steal data and impersonate users. Software developers can shield against this kind of threat through proactive security audits — keeping frameworks up to date and regularly assessing any potential signs of weakness.

The maintenance of bespoke software is all about keeping up with the fast-paced development of technology. While it definitely requires a long-term commitment, the endless improvements of your business that it can produce make it an extremely rewarding investment.

Why do I need maintenance?

  • App development — There’s a strong chance you’ll want to make modifications to your software over time in order to accommodate your company’s growth.
  • Security — Previously unknown security vulnerabilities are continuously being discovered. Your software needs to be adapted over time to patch up these weaknesses.
  • 3rd party updates — All of the 3rd party software that your system integrates with will be frequently updated. It’s important that your site is kept up to date with these releases in order to offer stable, secure, easy to maintain sites that will work on current hardware.
  • Code efficiency — As developers add on new features the program becomes increasingly unworkable. Every few years the code needs a restructure to ensure it retains maximum efficiency and stability.